someone left the cake out in the rain

There’s something about the idea of baking a ton of holiday cookies that just appeals to me. Then there’s the execution – hours of baking, every body muscle aching, feet hurting from standing all day…it’s a good think I’ll forget all that before I try massive baking again.

The results, however, are always tasty.
Gift Package 2
I delivered the cookies in here to the girls at my local/favorite LYS today as a bit of  holiday cheer from Mindy and myself.  In the containers, you would have found the following cookies:

snickerdoodlesChocolate Gooey Butter CookiesChocolate Chip CookiesRay Ray CookiesPink Oatmeal CookiesLipstick Granola Cruncher CookiesBlack Bottom Coconut Bars
Starting at the top and working L-R we have: Snickerdoodles (from a Betty Crocker recipe), Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies (recipe here), Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ray Ray Cookies (family recipe), Pink Oatmeal Cookies (made by Mindy), Lipstick Granola Cruncher Cookies (Jess’s recipe), and Black Bottom Coconut Bars (recipe here).

Mindy also made her Hanukkah cookies:
Mindy's Hanukkah cookies

And I made my 7 Layer Cookies, although they’re still sitting in the pan cooling off. I mixed up Oatmeal Dream Cookies (recipe here), but they haven’t made it onto the cookie sheet yet.

And now I need to go vacuum. I think there’s another cat’s worth of fur on it. I swear I just vacuumed, but it accumulates SO fast.


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