I love rock-n-roll

I am currently taking a break from Bake-A-Thon 2007. Of course, this is after only 1 full batch of cookies and mixing the second batch.

So, while I’m on my little back-resting break, let’s chat about the weekend.

Mad Art Gallery
You may have heard that the Rock & Roll Craft Show was this weekend. Mindy & I went on Saturday evening to check it out and be back-up knitters for Sandy during the knitting demo. I picked up a few cool things:
Rock & Roll Craft Show ScoreRock & Roll Craft Show Scores
The black kitty comes from Super Chick Studio via the St. Louis Craft Mafia, awesome bowl is from Alison at The Creative Brush, really cool print is from John Vogl at The Bungaloo, and the Fleur de Lis ornament came from SCOSAG.

It was pretty busy while we were checking things out, but all in all they had some cool stuff. And they had a lot of stuff that had me saying “I could make that” or, more often “Mindy could make that” and “Hey, Mindy – this is just like that other thing you made!”

I’m glad we went because I’m now inspired to do some things with the sewing machine I hadn’t thought of. Not that they’re difficult, I just didn’t think of making my own pillows. I don’t know when I’ll get to them, but I’m going to make some to match my quilt(s) as I make them and will hopefully do some with fun and funky fabrics for etsy, too.

And now break time is officially over. I’m going to pop a couple advil for the back and get back to baking.


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  1. Damn! I completely forgot about this!

    And I finally knew one of your post titles. Now I want to put a dime in a jukebox. Which would jam it since they now only take quarters, That would be mean. So I won’t.

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