you'll freeze out there

I will be making Nakiska for my aunt. There was an overwhelming suggestion to make Calorimetry, but I have plans to make it for myself at some point. So I went out on Saturday and got some lovely Classic Elite Lush yarn to make that and possibly a pair of wristwarmers.

In other news, I spent a good portion of the afternoon and early evening in front of the sewing machine working on a quilt top. I was supposed to be working on a couple holiday gifts, but I got down there and the strips of fabric I’d had cut out since before Halloween were staring at me. So now the strips are sewn together and in the washing machine (they were too small to wash prior to sewing), after which I will arrange them with more strips of fabric (that was prewashed) and eventually have a quilt of my own.

Finally, the 3,000th comment was from Deborah! Yay!  I have the winning yarn all picked out and ready to give away next time I see her.


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