Day Thirty: in the gaps between words

We have reached the end of November, finally. Yay!

I lunched with my dad and Aunt Nobie in the wilds of Arnold today. I also ran a couple errands in an unsuccessful attempt to buy a Christmas gift. I did, however, obtain some more of my “lounging” pants. In reality they are just knit pants, but I only wear them ’round the house or as pjs. Super comfy, though. I got ’em at Target, they’re real nice.

Anyway, moving on…

I am in need of a knitting pattern idea. My aunt needs something to keep her ears warm. She’s got short hair, so I’m not sure what would work for her other than a hat. Ideas? Anyone?

Song of the Day: Girls Who Play Guitars – Maximo Park

Edited to add: I am VERY close to a comment milestone – almost 3,000 comments here. And I kinda want to do a little something special to mark the occasion. So, whoever is commenter 3ooo will get a skein of sock yarn from my stash. If you’re not a knitter, well, I’ll figure out something else to send your way.


6 thoughts on “Day Thirty: in the gaps between words

  1. I love the graphic on your site – and I like coming by to visit, I don’t knit – I suck at it -I’ve been trying to learn…
    Should I become sucessful at it, I will dance a happy dance allover bloggityville.

  2. Tempe gave the answer I would have given. I think it would be cute with a short ‘do. Much better than a standard headband/earwarmer thing.

  3. I’m all about the simple stocking cap these days. Throw in a few stripes and knit with two strands of worsted to make it warm!

  4. I was going to suggest Caloremitry too–although I had terrible gauge issues. Lion brand has a free headband type pattern also.

  5. I had thought about Calorimetry, but my mom has super short hair and generally a stocking cap looks best on her. I usually make something with a little patterning so it doesn’t look like she’s a hairless beast!

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