Day Twenty-Eight: it's so confusing

In what would have been one of the most boring posts ever, I was going to bring you a day in the life of the unemployed grad student (who has a paper due tomorrow). Instead, I bring you the more interesting parts of the day.

10:40am – Wonder where favorite watch is. Look for it for 5 minutes before giving up and wearing different watch. (Still have not found the watch.)

10:45am-11:ooam – Walk down to post office just after mailperson has delivered mail to house. On walk back, see that someone’s pet bird has died. Know this because poor dead bird is still in its cage out by the dumpster.

1:00-1:15pm – Phone interview for job in Psychology. Keeping fingers crossed.

3:56pm – take dogs outside. Step in poo because Riley poo’d on the sidewalk, where I can generally walk without worry. Slippers, while now clean, are tainted. Tainted!

And tonight? Tonight was Knit Nite, where I had absolutely no focus. And I just had to take my computer power cord away from Ziggy – he was “playing” with it. By putting it in his mouth and attacking. Nice.

Song of the Day: Pumpkin Soup – Kate Nash