Day Twenty-Seven: I don't know what got into me

I spent a good part of my afternoon and evening doing research for the paper I have to turn in on Thursday.  So far I have a topic and a bit of reading done. Yeah, I’m a procrastinator.

I was trying to come up with something interesting to discuss today, but turns out being on a 4 month vacation from work isn’t really all that exciting. I suppose I could write a draft of my paper here, but it would probably turn out like my two previous attempts at a NaNoWriMo novel – 5000 words of crap with no plot, no character development, and no ending.

So. Anyway. Tomorrow I put in some good hours working on the paper, jog down to the post office, and hit Knit Nite. Hopefully something interesting will happen there so I’m not blathering on about the paper I’ll spend the day writing. Hopefully.

I don’t even want to think about the rest of my “end-of-semester” work I need to do.

Song of the Day:  If Love Songs – Sylvie Lewis