Day Twenty-One: this is the noise that keeps me awake

Y’know, I just have some short paragraphs today. So, on with the show.

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, which means it’s only appropriate that we all go out and by rhinestone studded underwear. What? You don’t want rhinestones on your ass? Me neither.

I am attempting to come up with a topic for the paper I have due next week. Yes, you read that right – I don’t even have a topic for this paper yet. I need a case study in Public Health Ethics. I’ve found a few things that might work, but I’m not sure about them yet.

I did a “photo shoot” for the bags I’m going to list on etsy today. Ziggy helped by chasing his tail and rolling around on the basement floor. I tried to get some tail-chasing action shots, but he stopped when I turned the camera on him.

Tomorrow I’m headed to Gunsmoke to spend Thanksgiving with the family. Of course, it’s now after 10pm and I have no idea what time I’m supposed to be there. Nice.

Song of the Day: Push It – Garbage