Day Eighteen: moi je veux être tordu, triplement tordu

It has been a busy weekend around these parts.

The PreppyDude (aka Duane) has been in town, so last night we had dinner and drinks at Monarch. This morning was brunch at Bristol, where I feel like I ate enough to feed a small family and blew a geek’s mind with talk of my serious music collection.

I was really planning on talking more about the whole dinner and brunch thing here, but I can’t seem to remember what else I was going to say. Ah, well, the brain seems to be losing power the older I get.

This afternoon was knitting, as always. I was happily knitting away on my sweater when a needle came apart in my hands. Yeah, not cool. I have emailed KnitPicks about it and will hopefully have a replacement on the way to me very soon. In the meantime, I’ll be whipping out the other set of 8s I have to work on the sweater. At least I have another set of 8s. Sheesh.

In other knitting news, I started and finished a neckwarmer this weekend out of some Malabrigo chunky.
Fun argyle sweater by Target, neckwarmer knitted by me (pattern here), but I blatantly stole the idea of doing it out of this yarn from Kathy.

Song of the Day: Belleville Rendez-Vous from the Triplets of Belleville Soundtrack


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  1. Love the button with the yarn… great choice. Et, tu parle francais tres bien! (You even know how to get the little accents and things… and is there an s on that parle?)

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