Day Fifteen: stretch all true reality

So. I’ve been diligently knitting my first sweater, as I’ve mentioned before. And I have been afraid the entire time that I would try it on at one point and my gauge will have been off just enough so that the sweater wouldn’t fit.

Finally tonight I bit the bullet. I put all my stitches on some dental floss to hold them. I tried on the sweater. And it FIT! It fit great! Sure I still have several inches of knitting to go, but I am now a knitter of sweaters.
My Wicked Sweatah
Look at that – I’m wearing part of a sweater I knit myself. Although I think the variegation in the yarn is making my chest appear larger than it is.

Now that I see it on, I know that I need to add at least 4 inches to the length. You’d think they’d account for the extra bustiness in the length measurement, but they don’t. Which is fine because I have plenty of yarn. I am now super motivated to work on this, too.

And to think, I was going to post about how I took the vacuum apart and cleaned it out today so I could get the fur off my floor.

Song of the Day: Dead Souls – Nine Inch Nails


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