Day Thirteen: jambalaya and a crawfish pie and file gumbo

I was watching the tele tonight and there was a commercial on that made me want to take a real vacation once I find a job. I know how silly that sounds – it’s like I’m on permanent vacation now, but I mean a vacation where I have a week or so off work and I can GO somewhere. Sometime when I don’t have school commitments or work commitments keeping me in the city.

The commercial was for something, but Harry Connick, Jr. was in it talking about and driving through New Orleans. It just made me want to go back there so much.

Between the commercial and Dixie‘s posts about her brief visit to Memphis, I’m envisioning a trip visiting both places – stop in Memphis for a few days on the drive to New Orleans, spend a few days in New Orleans. Do everything I want to do.

And because I’m dreaming big, let’s map out the trip.

Day 1: Leave from St. Louis, probably with a small group of friends or a boy if there were one around (it’s a dream right now – I can totally wish for a boy to vacation with). Stop in Cape Girardeau for and early lunch at the Dexter BBQ because I’ve been craving it for months. Get to Memphis in the late afternoon/early evening and check into the hotel. Perhaps hit Beale Street that night or hit up someplace for more BBQ.

Day 2 – 5: Do Memphis up good. Visit Graceland just because I can. Touristy, cheesy, but fun. Visit Sun Studios. Record a song there just because I can. Eat at Rendezvous, Corky’s, anywhere else that strikes my fancy. Get a Chicken Fried Steak sammich from Pirtle’s. Just do anything and everything you can do in Memphis.

Day 6: Drive to New Orleans. Maybe a little Bourbon Street before bed.

Day 7-12: Do it all. Offer my mad house building services to the rebuilding effort for a couple days. Or offer to bring food and drinks to the people who actually know what they’re doing. French Quarter Walking Tour, Haunted Tours, Garden District Tour. Cafe Du Monde, Bourbon Street, pralines from that little place on Esplanade whose name I can’t remember right now, red beans & rice from someplace, voodoo shops, visit the cemeteries, watch the river flow by, just be in the city that calls me to visit like none other. Just be.

Day 13: Drive home. Stop in Cape Girardeau and get some potato skins and a French Dip from BG’s. Maybe get a little cheesecake from My Daddy’s Cheesecake.

Day 14: recover from the trip before having to go back to work.

It goes without saying that Memphis and New Orleans will both have a bit of exploring of local yarn shops. Because it’s not a vacation if I don’t buy yarn. Well, at least not since I got into the knitting.

NaBloPoMo Song of the Day: Everybody Wants A Little Something – Duke Special