Day Twelve: tell me what I'm s'posed to do

Obligatory knitting post, feel free to turn back if you don’t care about yarn.

So, as I mentioned previously, I spent the weekend hanging with the girls and knitting. On Thursday night I got really close to the point on my Wicked sweater where I could take the sleeves off the needles. As in there were 2 rows left to knit before I did it. So on Friday night, I spent a bit of time knitting those two rows and now? I have sleeves! I have the sweater to the point I can try it on (should I desire to put it all on waste yarn)! It’s going much faster now! The excitement caused by this has resulted in excessive use of the exclamation point! Yay!

There is no photographic evidence of this because, well, it still looks pretty much the same, only now with sleeves.

We also had our knitalong project of My So Called Scarf. I had previously started mine and was trying to just go with what I had, but it was really skinny and I just wasn’t happy with how skinny the scarf was. So I ripped it out and started over with more stitches on the needles. So far it looks pretty cool.
My So-Called Scarf

I also felt the need to work a bit on my super simple stockinette socks and I finally finished the first one last night.
Space Dog Sock
I’m a little in love with this sock. It was so simple and it took me forever, but it’s really comfy and soft and I can’t wait to finish the other one.

Song of the Day: Stuttering – Ben’s Brother


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  1. I was working on that same scarf. The pattern is addictive – which is good because it’s kind of slow going. I ripped it out because I didn’t like the person that well to spend that many hours for a 6′ long My So Called Scarf. I plan on trying it again with some more Malabrigo.

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