Day Eleven: how do you want to live?

It’s now after 10pm and I’ve been home from my super-fun weekend with the girls since 2ish. It was a weekend of knitting, camping, and eating (so much eating) with Mindy, Kim, Kathy, and Shannon.

Ok, it wasn’t so much “camping” as it was “staying in a cabin in the woods with electricity, heat, and indoor plumbing”. But it’s the only kind of camping I’m really up for anymore.

We had an unintentional taste test this weekend and discovered that Jack Link’s Beef Jerky beats out Oberto Beef Jerky (both in the Teriyaki flavor). This was an unscientific taste test, but 3 out of 3 jerky eaters on the trip agree that Jack’s is better, but both are tasty.

It was a ton of fun hanging out with the girls and I did actually get some knitting done (more on that tomorrow), but I was wiped out when I got home. I took a nice long nap and now I’m nearly ready to go to sleep again.

NaBloPoMo song of the day: Everybody Wants the Same Thing – Scissor Sisters