Day Five: This is how we do it

Normally you can find me sitting in one of my classes on a Monday morning trying to stay awake. Which is why you would have found me standing outside my classroom at 8 this morning looking at a dark room and saying “well, crap. No class today”. I forgot I had class. Duh. I was even more awake than I normally am for that class.

Anyway, tonight found Mindy and myself out back hanging around the fire where we roasted marshmallows and hot dogs.
hot dog over an open fire

Because that’s how we roll in South City.

(photo heavy post – more after the jump)

Mindy & her hot dog

Mmm, tasty tasty kosher dogs.
me roasting a dog

After we ate our dogs, I warmed my hands over the fire…
I'm a hobo

…and Mindy ate a fire roasted potato
Mindy & Tater

Then we did what we always do on a Monday night – watched a new episode of How I Met Your Mother.

Also of note: Ziggy the Wondercat made an appearance on Stuff On My Cat today. See his SOMC debut here.

Song of the day: Paralyzer by Finger Eleven. Because I love that song a little more than I should.


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  1. Ahh… you two are making me hungry! If that’s how we do it in South City, then Tom and I better get crackin on some of those fire roasted potatoes. Cute photos.

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