having the time of your life

I have returned from the wilds of Indiana!

Okay, so it wasn’t that wild. But it the most fun I’ve had at a wedding as far back as I can remember. Steph looked fabulous, cake was delicious (and gorgeous), and there was a chocolate fountain*. There was much dancing** and merriment and I got to spend time with the old work crew of B, CC, and Steph. So Much Fun. Seriously.

For your viewing pleasure, a few pictures (after the jump):

The lovely and tasty cake.

Cutting the Cake
Steph & Matt cutting the cake

I am not good at the self portrait
me & Steph trying to do the self portrait thing.

Now I really must get to sleep. I’m very tired. Illinois is a boring state to drive across twice in two days.

*of which I do not have pictures, but it looked like any other chocolate fountain

**Yes, I danced. Quite a bit. Made myself tired with all the dancing.