there's a new kid in town

Today was just busy. I don’t know how or why it turned out that way, but it was. As I was walking out the door to head to my class late this afternoon, I saw a package waiting for me. I knew from the return address that it was something that would be fabulous, so I decided to risk being late for class to open it.

It was a new sock monkey from one of the Stonecutters!
It’s the tan and brown dude up front(ish) of the monkey army. He is awesome. So so cool. I LOVE HIM.

Which reminds me, I have the pattern to make my own sock monkeys and a pair of blue argyle socks to make one out of. Why have I not done that yet?

What I really wanted to mention is this:
basketweave scarf
That would be a basketweave scarf OFF THE NEEDLES. I finished it last night in about half an hour or so after leaving knit night at my favorite LYS.* It’s lovely and just long enough to swing jauntily ’round my neck. It took one skein of lovely malabrigo and it’s another FO. So glad that I’m slowly finishing up projects. Next on the list is the second Monkey sock so I can send them off and complete my part of the Stonecutter swap (I got a monkey, I’m making Monkey socks – it’s all monkeys all the time around here).

Um, yes, right. Tomorrow will find me getting ready for my trip to Evansville for Steph’s wedding. Indiana – well, it’s on the other side of Illinois. I’m excited about the trip, though. We’re only staying the one night (and by “we”, I mean myself and the folks I’m carpooling it over there with), so it’ll be all wedding all the time, but it will be fun.

And now I must be off to sleepy land. I have a lot to do tomorrow, so I need to rest up.

*Knitorious – where I always get excellent service and can count on the staff to help me with any knitting dilemma I may have. They rock.


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  1. We had an awesome time last time my SO and I went to Evansville. There’s an Irish pub on the waterfront and across the way is a swanky martini bar!

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