dream baby, dream

In addition to getting sucked in to new television shows and selling my soul on ebay this weekend, I also managed to (start and) finish a knitting project.
FO - Fetchings
Please ignore the fur in the picture. It’s everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Anyway, I made another pair of Fetchings. These are for a friend of mine who’s been going through a hell of a time lately. Since I’m not in the same city as her, I wanted to do something nice just to let her know I’ve been thinking about her and hoping that everything just goes…better, I guess. I picked the Fetchings because they’re a quick knit, functional, and look nice. It helps that the yarn I used – Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran – is nice and soft.

After fixing a minor problem with my bind-off (minor in that I somehow dropped 3 stitches instead of binding them off), I finshed them up last night and gave them a wash in Soak (I love that stuff so much). They’re now drying and will go in the mail as soon as I can get them there.

Now I must get back to finding boxes to pack everything I sold in. (This is how I’m paying to go to Steph’s wedding this weekend. This and the carpooling with former coworkers B. and C.)


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