I wanna make you move

I am still recovering from the weekend.

On Saturday night, we celebrated Mindy‘s birthday by eating ice cream cake and going on a Haunted Alton tour. I had heard about the tour when my friend Stacey had gone on it last year around this time. We went on the Witching Hour tour – 10pm to 2am. Alton is apparently one of the most haunted cities in the States.

We arrived at the Franklin Masonic Lodge to learn about ghost hunting.
Masonic Lodge
The orbs appeared in several pictures there – they are different from some obvious dust specks in another picture I took that night.

After leaving the lodge, we boarded the trolley and headed to our first location – the McPike Mansion. Not a lot of ghostly activity there that I experienced, but I heard there was some stuff.

Then we headed on to the Alton City Cemetery.
Alton Cemetery
As you can see here, the orbs were aplenty in this photo. Not as much in other photos there, although there were some in other pictures. Also in this photo is a weird bright light around the center. If you look at it in the largest size, it appears to be something other than a tombstone. Weirdness, people.

Finally, we headed to the Milton School, where a young girl was killed. Her ghost still haunts the building, as does the ghost of the person who killed her. We started out visiting the boiling room, during which I had our copper divining rods (which detect the presence of the ghost by crossing or moving in the direction of the ghostly energy.
As you can see in the picture, the rods are crossed in front of me. That happened in the boiler room and when I tried to step forward while holding the rods, they moved closer to me – almost as if someone was pushing them backwards towards me. It was odd. The school itself was an extremely creepy place to be.

That was our last stop of the evening. Overall, it was a fun and interesting experience. I wish I had more to say, but I’m still tired. There are a few more pictures in the flickr set (and a ton more on my computer).


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