can't you give me some time?

I’ve been hard at work this week. Well, work is a subjective term – still unemployed, day 60 something. Sheesh.But the work I’ve been doing involves the sewing machine. I have churned out many more knitting project bags. I expect to list them on etsy sometime next week.

For your viewing pleasure, I present a plethora of bags. Or a couple pictures of my favorites, at least. The rest can be seen in my flickr sewing set.

These are my favorites:
My favorites

And these are the two I love so much I can’t part with them:
The ones I can't part with

Note similarities. :) Ok, details for those who are wondering – each bag is unique. Also, because I’ve just taken up sewing again, I can’t guarantee the straightest stitching on the tops. Gives ’em character, though.

Hope y’all have a good weekend! It’s Mindy‘s birthday weekend, so I’ll be doing the Haunted Alton thing tomorrow night. Should be fun, maybe a bit scary. There will be a full report later.


4 thoughts on “can't you give me some time?

  1. Beyond precious. Beyond. Can I buy one from you? I’ll send you the cashola next week when I’m Stateside iffin you’re willing to part with one of those babies for a price.

  2. Delightful! I was just talking yesterday about how simple it would be to replicate my 1st grade knitting bag in a nicer fabric – and you went and did it! I like your fabric combos – good eye.

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