you'll be with me next time I go outside

So, I’m entering month 3 of unemployment vacation. I really thought I’d have found something well before now. Although I do have a job interview tomorrow morning at 9am. I’m hoping it goes well.

As evidenced by my previous post, I’m taking this opportunity to get crazy with my sewing skillz. Today I finished the quilt top and basically put the thing together.
Baby Quilt
All I need to do to finish up is sew the backing/binding on and add a few more ties. The binding will take a while since I’ll be doing it by hand, but the ties seem to go pretty quickly.

While waiting for the wash/dry cycle to finish on the quilt parts, I also whipped out this little sock knitting project bag for Mindy:
sock project bag
Nice, eh? Show of hands – If I made a larger version of this for other knitting projects – say a sweater or scarf – would it be something you’d be interested in buying? I do love the sock bag, but so many people already make those.

Oh, yes. Speaking of selling things…Remember how I mentioned a little business venture a while back? Well, check out my new etsy store on the sidebar. Right now I’m just selling photographs, but if I get into the sewing I may expand a little. There are knitting related photos as well as non-knitting stuff in there. Check me out.

Okay, am officially tired enough to go to sleep. I hope.


2 thoughts on “you'll be with me next time I go outside

  1. I am crazy about that sock bag! It’s wonderful!

    I need to find me a good sock project bag when I come to the US. None of the shops here have anything suitable.

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