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Yesterday I went on a bit of a mission to find some fabric to repair a quilt mom made me about 10 years ago. I know I won’t find the exact fabric, but was looking for something close enough.* I did not find it during my travels, so I came home and looked on ebay. Then I bought some more quilting materials to make another quilt. Even though at the time I still hadn’t started the baby quilt I need to make.

So, guess what I did last night. I started the baby quilt. I cut out quilt squares and came up with the layout I wanted.
a baby quilt

Then I started sewing. A quilt top. Me. Sewing, people!** half of the quilt top

Ahem. Go me! I got the top about halfway done last night before Riley Barkypants made me totally crazy with all the barking at the sewing machine. I’m a little too excited about this, really. I even pressed my seams! Oh, yeah, I’m hardcore now.

Now I need to actually go buy a couple border fabrics (I’m thinking a strip of blue and a strip of black) and the batting and backing so I can finish my first quilt. Sweet!

And now I totally want my own sewing machine. Sure I’m not going to be making quilts (or knitting project bags, perhaps) that change the world, but it’s just fun to do this right now.

*The two fabrics I need to match are here and here. I need the yellow and the red. I have some of the green still.

**Yet another crafty skill my mom taught me, where I remember enough to be dangerous.


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