for the memories she has you know

I have just returned home from a night out at the ball game with Kathy and Mindy. There were nachos, hot dogs, and dippin’ dots.

Earlier today, I had a haircut and lunch with my dad. I also spent a few minutes in my old bedroom going through a few of my things to try to determine what can be thrown out. I’m on a very big organizing and cleaning kick right now. In fact, if the weather would allow it, I’d probably make another trip to Gunsmoke and go through the rest of my stuff that’s in storage there. I still have a ton of stuff hanging out at my dad’s house.

I also managed to get some items to fix the ductwork downstairs that Mindy took apart to retrieve my ring. I have electric tools, screws, and a bit of sheet metal. Now I just need some tinsnips and I’m in business.

So, back to the game – it wasn’t very exciting. In fact, we got bored easily because it wasn’t exciting. Then again, would anything compare to the last game I was at where the Cards scored 10 runs in 1 inning? I don’t think you can really top that. Of course, as I write this, the game is tied 4-4 in the 12th inning. Kinda glad we left early – I’m tired now, I can only imagine how I’d feel if I was still there.