a river falls on another sea

So, I spent part of my weekend doing this and that, eating ice cream, and a bit of cleaning. As I sat in front of my computer on Saturday having just cleaned of my desk, I was pondering what I would say yesterday. It was late-ish in the afternoon and I took off my ring, promptly dropping it. Where it fell into the vent.
mom's ring

This ring originally belonged to my mom, she gave it to me about 5 years ago after having another garnet ring of hers repaired. I’ve worn it nearly every day since then. It is the only piece of jewelry I will wear that’s shaped like a heart.

So, naturally, when it fell into the vent, I said fuck a few times, then figured out I’d be able to get it out with a little help from Mindy. See, the computer desk is on top of part of the vent, so it wasn’t a quick and easy thing to retrieve the ring.

Yesterday, after knitting and breakfast for dinner*, we proceeded to attempt the ring retrieval, during which Mindy had to transform into MacGyver. See, she thought we’d be able to push the ring through a hole in the vent to the basement. And we should have, but the ring fell into another vent. There were tools, removal of part of the vent, and a measuring tape used to get the ring close enough to grab. So the mission was successful, even if we do now need to do a bit of home repair work on the vent.

I also went out on Saturday (before the loss of the ring) and bought some pretty flowers as a memorial of sorts.
Lilies because they remind me of mom.

These because of the roses – yellow roses were her favorites, and although these aren’t just yellow, they are quite pretty.

*Mom loved breakfast foods for dinner, so Mindy, Kathy & I headed to IHOP and had breakfast. Mmm, pancakes.


5 thoughts on “a river falls on another sea

  1. i’m glad you got the ring out safely. i am the kind of person who constantly loses nice jewelry. i lost a ring my mom gave me, i lost TWO rings my aunt gave me, and a bracelet my late grandmother gave to me. that bracelet was one of the hardest things i’ve ever had to part with.

  2. Thank goodness you got it back. I have a tendency to lose nice jewelry too, but it’s even more precious when it came from someone you love.

  3. I am so glad you got the ring back. I know how important Mom’s rings are. I have my mother’s cocktail ring that has all of the diamonds from her wedding set from my parents and I also have the engaement ring of my grandmother’s. They are great reminders of two very great and wonderful women and I miss them terribly.

  4. Glad you got the ring back! I couldn’t imagine losing something as significant and important as that!

    I received a diamond ring from my mom on my 16th bday. It had been given to her by her parents on her 16th bday. I wore it in the ocean in Hawaii, and it fell off my finger. I spent 2 hours looking for it w/goggles, to no avail. I was sick that I lost it and figured my mom would be upset. Luckily she wasn’t, but I still am, even today.

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