shed some light on me please

This one is for the chubby girls, who, like me, were disappointed when they found out that Lane Bryant had changed their jeans.

I was addicted to the Low Rise Stretch Bootcut jeans. They were the first jeans I found that actually hit my waist instead of being so long waisted that I could hike them up to my chest. Which means, of course, that they weren’t low rise on me at all.

The problem is that I’ve gained a little bit of weight since last spring when I was wearing my jeans all the time. Just enough that my jeans don’t fit comfortably. Sure, they still fit, but I like to breathe when I’m wearing clothes.

So. The weather has cooled down a bit and it’s jeans-wearing weather. And the only pair of jeans I can wear right now are way too big. Which led me to Lane Bryant yesterday in an effort to find at least one pair of jeans that fits. I walked into the store, over to the jeans, and got immediately confused. The fit part I could figure out – I was a yellow. The sizes, however? Am I a 3? 4? 6? What do these numbers mean? Well, they mean that you find LB Employee and say “Um, I need some jeans. Help.” and she measures your waist and tells you what size you are.

I went and tried on – FYI, the regular length jeans are LONG. As in they covered my feet and went on for a few more inches long. So I’m actually a petite in the new jeans. Huh. Go figure.

In the end, I found a lovely pair of jeans that fit me and ordered 2 more pair (they only had one in my size and color). And I’m wearing them now and I’m kind of in love with them – not too long in the waist, not too short in the leg. It really is the Right Fit for me.

So, chubby girls of the world, do not despair if your favorite jeans have gone missing from the LB lineup. Go to a store, get a “fitting”, try a couple pair on, and buy yourself some jeans. *

Of course, now I have 7 pair of jeans to sell on ebay that are all in very good shape. Woo.

*Which are currently on sale for $20 off/pair if you buy 3 or more – that’s 3 pair of jeans for the price of 1 1/2 pair at full price.


3 thoughts on “shed some light on me please

  1. I have a problem with jeans that fit me in the waist but are huge in the seat and the legs. I’m literally built like a peach with Q-Tips stuck in the bottom for legs.

    I am holding off on new jeans buying until I can fly home and get to a Lane Bryant. I hope I can find some that don’t make me look like I’m wearing someone else’s pants.

  2. I’ve gotta go jean hunting, I’m thinking of trying and see what they recommend. Glad you found a pair.

  3. Just checked, and if you go to and enter your measurements for hips and waist, then it gives you the size you need. Along with color. Okay the color code is one step too far!

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