if I sorted it out

How you doin’? I have no segues, so here are your daily dots:

  • I’ve been trapped under boxes of yarn that will be listed for sale on ebay tomorrow. And yes, there is a lot of yarn that will be sold. A lot.
  • I’m toying with a “business” idea. Less a business, more a creative outlet where I would make a little money.
  • Ziggy the Wondercat is experiencing some problems with his jumping and leaping ability. He may have got knocked in the head by a flying suitcase on Sunday, which could have caused the issue. He’s absolutely fine except for the jumping, but I’m keeping an eye on him – if he’s not back to jumping like a pro in the next few days, we’ll be off to the vet.
  • The interview today was interesting. At least there were questions I could answer in this one. None of that “What are your strengths and weaknesses” crap. I never know how to answer the weaknesses part.
  • In addition to the yarn destashing, I need to do a general destashing. I started on that early last week, but then got distracted by life and other endeavors. Ah, well.
  • I am tired. I should go to sleep soon.

3 thoughts on “if I sorted it out

  1. According to my friend, who now interviews people on occasion instead of being interviewed, for weaknesses you should talk about some difficulty you overcame – some challenge with a happy ending – or a weakness that isn’t really a weakness. “I’m just so organized.” Or whatever. But I hate that question, too. Especially when you’re being interviewed by people you know and work with. Then you can’t really stretch the truth ;) Good luck with the job search.

  2. those fluff interview questions are complete b.s. because there is no right or wrong answer, although employers think there is a right answer. legally, employers can’t defend those questions if it came up in a lawsuit.

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