I wanna watch it come down

I have to get up in approximately 6 1/2 hours to go to class. Why class is at 8am I’ll never know. And yet, here I sit, still awake. Not sleeping. Why is that?

Ah, well, it was a good weekend – I cleaned out the stash of yarn and bath products, all of which will be going on sale on ebay this week (well, except for the used bath products, those went straight into the trash). Helped Kathy clean out her stash on Saturday, in addition to all the other fun Saturday stuff we did. Passed on the Wollmeise love to Rachel and Lenora at the LYS before Sunday knitting. Dinnered with Kathy and Marcia (of the knitting groups) before Marcia moves off to Northern California this week.

Oh, and I found a nice little suit for job interviews at Target! The pants need hemmed before my Tuesday interview, so I’m headed to Gunsmoke after class to see Aunt Nobie for a hemming good time.

So, all in all a good weekend minus the not falling asleep even though I’m dead tired. So tired I…zzzzzzzzzzz.

G’night St. Louis!

(The bread pudding was fantastic, by the way. I shoved a good portion of it in my mouth while it was still warm and couldn’t even be bothered to put a proper piece on a plate – just ate it straight from the pan. I meant to take a picture, but I was too busy making yummy noises.)