if you wanna be the teacher's pet

I’ve not been posting as much lately and I kind of miss it. So I’m going to attempt to do a daily post (except on weekends) just because I need to think and write a little each day to keep the brain cells working.

So… My fall classes started this week. I have a Monday morning class (Survival analysis – woo!) that doesn’t seem too bad so far and then I have class tonight from 4:30-7. I read the syllabus for class last night and I’m a little wary of the whole thing. So much so that I wanted to change around my schedule last night and take a different class. I’m hoping that my impression is quite wrong and that it’ll be fine. We’ll see after class tonight.

Anyway, still no news on the job front.  Will hopefully find something soon, in the meantime I’m knitting my fingers off.