rock got no reason, rock got no rhyme

I keep forgetting to do my photo Wednesday thing because, well, sometimes I forget it’s Wednesday until I show up at Knit Night.

But today I have a photo – I got the rest of my Wollmeise order in the mail today and it’s very pretty.
I love the way the blues and fuschia play off each other. In fact, I love it so much that I already cast on for the yarn’s intended project – My So-Called Scarf.


2 thoughts on “rock got no reason, rock got no rhyme

  1. That Wollmeise is GORGEOUS. I’m jealous. How much does it cost to get it sent over here? And how do you know whether to get “low,” “medium” or “high” saturated colors?

    p.s. i found you via the st. louis bloggers thingy.:)

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