send me your money & I'll change your life

Unemployment, day 34.

This is the first week since I found out I was losing my job that I haven’t had an interview or some form of communication about a job. I even just checked my resume email to verify that. Wow.

So, the job hunt is, obviously, not going well. I’m sure I’ll get something soon, but the waiting is killing my brain cells. Financially, I’m still okay for a bit. Mentally, I’m going to forget how to spell my name soon. It’s a very good thing I start classes on Monday so I can finally give my brain a bit of a workout.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I really thought I’d have another job by now. Is that crazy? I mean, my mom was laid off a few times and it took her 3 months to find a job during those times. But she didn’t have a college degree, either.

Ah, well, at least I have a lot of knitting and reading to keep me occupied. I’m currently working the heel on my Spicy Monkey sock, so those will be done before I know it. Then there are other socks, scarves, and tops to make.

I’ve also been baking. Ok, so I made pumpkin bread. Have I ever told you that I make a killer pumpkin bread? I can’t really take full credit – the recipe is fantastic. But I can take that recipe and follow it to make a mean pumpkin bread. I even did the applesauce instead of oil substitution this time and, well, yummy! I’m also tempted to make my coconut pie now. Because we need a coconut pie in the house. But oh, it’s a good pie. Especially if you like coconut. Sure the recipe only calls for a cup of coconut and I use around 3, but that just makes it better. Mmm, pie.

Moving on (lack of segue? That’s me), I’m taking a little trip to Gunsmoke tomorrow to get my eyes dialated. Woo. Just precautionary to make sure my eyes are all healthy and stuff. Because I have really poor vision I’m at a higher risk for some of the more serious eye issues like retinal detachments. So every couple years I get a dilated exam just to check ’em out. Which means my pupils will be all big for a few hours tomorrow afternoon and I won’t be able to see up close.

This? This is what happens when one doesn’t get to use her brain to its full potential. This is my brain on unemployment. My brain needs a job.


3 thoughts on “send me your money & I'll change your life

  1. Something has got to be just right around the corner from you. I can’t imagine employers wouldn’t want the talents you have.

  2. It’s gotta be coming soon. You have a lot to offer, and some employer somewhere is on the brink of seeing that!

  3. The next interview, you need to tell them that you do things “old school” due to your “skillz”, subsequently taking things “to the next level”, and pledging to “bring it” every day after they hire you. Skillz, yo.

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