now can you fall for the rain?

Another Monday, another…something or other.

Yesterday we did a bit of a sock yarn swap at knitting group and I came away with some great yarns and traded out a couple I was willing to part with. It was sweet! I am now the proud owner of some Socks That Rock and some other pretty yarn.

I also managed to finish the Bellatrix socks, finally! I haven’t really been working on them that long, but the last stretch just felt like it was taking forever. I’m glad to have them off the needles (and I still have a full 1/4 of the skein of yarn leftover).
Bellatrix socks

I also took a long look at the Ivory Tower Scarf in it’s previous state and then started over. A few weeks ago, we were talking about entrelac and I have apparently become known for my entrelac – mostly because I spent a good portion of the last year with a scarf on the needles. Then I had the idea that the Ivory Tower scarf would look so much cooler like that and just couldn’t get the idea of it out of my head. So. Ivory Tower, meet Danica. Sort of.
Ivory Tower v2.0
Those ends are gonna be a bitch to weave in, but it will look fabulous when I’m done with it.

A few weeks ago I ordered some Wollmeise yarn and it has arrived! I am so in love with these colors. It’s fabulous and I wish I knew what I was making with the yarn already.
Wollmeise Sock yarn
Ah, pretty pretty yarn. And Claudia was great to work with to get the yarn, so nice. :)

Now I just need a few more sock patterns that work well with variegated yarn…


5 thoughts on “now can you fall for the rain?

  1. You’ve got some drool-worthy pictures up today. The Bellatrix socks look awesome — very evil — and I love the Ivory Tower scarf. It looks fantastic in those yarns, wow. And where’s my wool tit?????????????????????

  2. That scarf does look awesome with those yarns. Someday I’ll have to learn Entrelac.
    And, just fyi, the yarn I gave to you is Sunshine Yarns in Earth Day. It’s not superwash, in case you didn’t catch that. Sorry I no longer have the label! Hopefully you’ll enjoy it :)

  3. yeah i strongly desire starting my sock in wollmeise but i must finish some other stuff first and get further on my monkey’s amd ms3

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