nothing is certain except everything you know can change

It’s a dotty Friday today.

  • Today I turned in the final paper for my last class. It was a collaborative project and I think we did well. Hopefully I’ll still be saying that when the grades come in.
  • Speaking of grades, I got the grade for my other summer class – the one that nearly made me crazy. I did well. Much better than I expected. I think there was a bit of a grade curve there, but I’m okay with that.
  • I have finally discovered a love of audio books. I can “read” and do other things at the same time – like knit! I have several of the Harry Potter books in audio book format and Jim Dale does a great job reading them, so it’s a nice listen while I knit.

Since I can’t remember what else I wanted to talk about, let’s shuffle:

  1. Heretics – Andrew Bird
  2. A Time For Love – Jamie Cullum
  3. London Skies – Jamie Cullum
  4. Sweet Dreams – Patsy Cline
  5. Ch-Check It Out – Beastie Boys
  6. Train Under Water – Bright Eyes
  7. Daylight – Better Than Ezra
  8. I Can’t Wait – White Stripes
  9. It’s My Life – No Doubt
  10. Slob – Weezer

One thought on “nothing is certain except everything you know can change

  1. Congrats on finishing your paper! I have been an audio book lover for a long time now but the Jim Dale recordings of Harry Potter are especially wonderful. They got me through some rough patches this summer when I was sick and reading made me dizzy. If you’re interested in some free audio books of older books read by regular folks, check out – I’ve volunteered there and done some reading as well. I love that so many newer books are being released on audio along with print now.

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