I'm young again, I'm you again

I am clearly missing the baby gene – you know, the one that makes girls all fawn over new babies and want to hold them. I don’t have it.

Example: Mindy and I trekked to the LYS on Saturday and while we were there, one of the girls came in with her new baby boy. Now, he was very cute and very well behaved, but after about 5 minutes, I was back to looking at yarn while everyone else was talking baby and such.

The baby thing eludes me – until they’re old enough to have a personality or actively engage with you (which is around 6 months – sure they can’t talk, but they smile or giggle at you), I just don’t do kids.

On one hand, it’s nice because I don’t have my ovaries screaming at me that I must have kids now every time I see a baby.
On the other hand, there’s still kind of that pressure from society that you should have kids someday and that if you don’t want kids then there’s something wrong with you.

Even though more and more people are choosing to remain child free, I still feel like there’s a stigma attached to that decision and there really shouldn’t be. In a small way, I’m decreasing the resources my family will use in the world, thus making it a tiny bit less populated and a tiny bit more Earth-friendly. In the long run, it probably makes up for all the resources I’m using to drive something a little less Earth friendly than I’d like. :)


6 thoughts on “I'm young again, I'm you again

  1. I don’t have it either. I dig it, however it does make me feel a bit guilty when I don’t ooh and aah over babies as much as the other women.

  2. You know I oohed and ahhhed over babies after it was decided by fate that I was never going to have any. Before then I felt funny around babies.

  3. it’s funny. i never thought i’d want to get married and have babies before 30. all of a sudden, my biological clock starts ticking and talking to me and telling me that i want babies NOW! WTF?!?!?

  4. Yep to all… and if you ever do get the urge, take it from an adoptee. There are a ton of kids ready and willing to use up your resources. ***grin***

  5. I have one child. At one time I thought I would pass on kids. I’ve always loved them but wasn’t sure I wanted to raise any.

    My cousin has always said she didn’t want any and I respect that. Why have kids if you don’t want them?

    I have a friend who was going to get fixed in her twenties but went on to have two kids.

    Just because you don’t want them now doesn’t mean you won’t want them later. Don’t wait too long, though, because it won’t be a choice any more. I almost missed the boat.

  6. I don’t have the baby gene either. The only time it’s a problem is at family events where my sisters and cousins are passing around the small children. I don’t ooh and aah and I’m not comfy around babies. They sense my fear too.

    I will approach and play with a baby if I’m allowed to do it on my own terms and not forced into by family/friends who get so excited when I hold a baby they take photos and swear it will never happen again. Kevin is the one who noticed I’m great with kids if I do it on my own terms. It seems that people don’t get that though, and they try to force me to hold their baby. Why do people do that?

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