when I wake up early in the morning

A few random items:

1. Being on vacation this long does not suit me. Sure I’ve done a lot of knitting, but my brain is also turning to mush. I also miss listening to music as a background to my work day. I still listen, but not nearly as much.

2. Ziggy the Wondercat makes an excellent catloaf. See Exhibit A.

(Exhibit A)

3. I still like knitting. We’re 3+ years into it and I’m still enjoying making things out of the yarn I keep buying. (As a side note, thanks to Kathy I purchased yarn to make Orangina for under $20. I also spent a good chunk of my day swatching and figuring out what will become of the silk yarn I had to have with my birthday yarntificate. It will be Isabella.)

4. I need to sound smart tomorrow. As in “I know enough about my current education to talk to someone who’s been through the same program” smart. Read: I have a job interview. I think I’d fit well there and, well, I’m tired of being home every day looking for a job.

5. I need to call my dad and set up a lunch date with him. Remind me to do that tomorrow.

6. It is late and I should be sleeping.


3 thoughts on “when I wake up early in the morning

  1. Good luck at your interview — or have you had it yet? If you have how did it go? I like iLike — I’d never seen it before.

  2. I am loving your cat loaf, I have a couple of those at home too. Did you make a lunch date with your dad yet??? I know its not the ‘tomorrow’ you were looking for, but it’s just a reminder! :)

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