I just want to shake us up

Ahem. I believe I promised y’all knitting content yesterday. Promised, threatened…whatever. Either way, it didn’t happen yesterday, so you get it today instead.

You may recall that I went to the baseball game on Monday night for Stitch n Pitch.

You may also know that the Cards managed to score 10 runs in one inning, 9 of those before there were any outs in the inning. I should interject here that I had looked at the scoreboard before the 5th inning and declared that the team would once again be losing a game that night. I’m happy to say I was wrong.

Anyway, baseball. There were, of course, nachos. And bratwurst. And me and the crew dancing to Brass Monkey. And of course, knitting. It may have been 8bazillion degrees outside, but we were there to knit and knit we did, or at least we tried.

(pictures, etc. after the jump.)

Kara & Mindy
(I look like a complete dork in that picture, by the way.)

Mindy, Kathy, & Jenn
Mindy, Kathy, & Jenn knitting away.

And, of course, there was baseball.

As for knitting accomplishments, I finished the first Bellatrix sock.

Turned the heel on Space Dog again. (This time, I went with the flap heel instead of short row.)
space dog

And started a pair of purl-free Monkeys for myself.
Monkey socks

That is all. I have a heel to turn, socks to knit, and a job interview on Friday to prep for.


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