me and the crew were drinking brass monkey

Question of the day:

If you were a baseball player, what would be the song that gets played as you’re up at bat?

For example, on the Cardinals, Encarnacion’s song is Ridin’ Dirty, while Ludwick’s song is Brass Monkey.* Other examples I can’t remember right now. They should have that information available on the offishul website of the Cardinals.

My song would probably be Brass Monkey. It’s in the name, I can’t deny the monkey.

*You know I did a little dance every time that song came on, as did fellow knitter A. It was fabulous.


4 thoughts on “me and the crew were drinking brass monkey

  1. My soundtrack is “Jessica” by the Allman Brothers. Though I’ve had Brass Monkey in my head ever since Monday night.

  2. It takes Two – RobBase and Dj Ez Rock..I’d totally break it out like Agnes at the game…the problem would then be if i hit a ball I’d want to Roger Rabbit to first base instead of running and actually getting there in time.

  3. Mine would be “Something Like a Phenomenon” by LL Cool J because, well, i like to think i am one.

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