if I traded it all

Things I did today:

  • Lunch with Kathy.
  • A visit to the Loopy Ewe (with the same Kathy and Kim).
  • Bought a bit of yarn, including this one for Mindy since she had to work.
  • Ate some frozen  yogurt at Spanky’s. Not the Spanky’s that sells adult items, though. That would have been weird.
  • Mailed off my Sockapalooza socks.
  • Came home, wound yarn, read HP1 (I started the series over from the beginning).

Things I did not do today:

  • Take a nap.
  • Get to the library.

Things to avoid this weekend:

  • Shopping of any kind. It’s tax free weekend and a brief trip to Target was monstrous on this Friday night. Sheesh.

The end. (Perhaps more about the trip to The Loopy Ewe later, but it was fantastic.)


2 thoughts on “if I traded it all

  1. Okay, do we ALL go to Target on Friday nights? Ben and I ran into Nicole there on Friday (but at Greatland). Sheesh, I thought we were the only dorks to be there on a Friday night!

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