the way the cookie crumbles

We have now reached the maniacal laughter point of the evening. That point at which, when doing data analysis, I realize that I HAVE NO RESULTS! How funny is that? I’ve analyzed the data 15 different ways (14 of which were fine) and then remembered to include a big confounder and, as it turns out, only the confounder matters!


Kinda makes me happy I didn’t give up my Saturday trying to figure this out, instead opting to read Deathly Hallows cover to cover.

Now I just have to figure out how to talk about nonsignificant results in a way that will earn me 50% of my class grade. HA! Hee! Ho!

Soon the men will be here with my new white jacket to take me to the lovely padded room. Data analysis can do that to a person.


2 thoughts on “the way the cookie crumbles

  1. Hey,
    So analysis sucks and HP no so muchhuh?
    I haven’t finished but it is hard to put it down.

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