I see you shiver with antici………..pation

Today is, of course, Harry Potter release day.

I preordered the book from amazon.com in April, which I had done with the previous book.* I know the book arrived on the doorstep in Gunsmoke while I was at work, so prior to 1pm.

I’ve been waiting ever so impatiently since 10am for the book to arrive. I have figured I can allow myself 2 hours reading time when it gets here, then buckle down and work on the project(s) for school for a few hours.

I feel a bit weird for scheduling my reading/studying time like this, but if I don’t I also know that I will (a) read until my eyeballs burn and (b) not actually do the homework. By allowing myself a bit of time to read, I’m really just satisfying the monster who would otherwise distract me from my homework.

Anyway, I have to get back to staring out the window for the UPS guy.

*Which, oddly enough, came out 2 years ago the same week and was also during job transition time. I sense a theme…


One thought on “I see you shiver with antici………..pation

  1. I assume that yours was delivered the same way as mine – UPS delivered to the Post Office, which delivered the book. How weird is that? Anyway, I started at 2:40 in the afternoon and read straight through to the last page at 3:30 in the morning.

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