I saw you in the curve of the moon

It’s been a weird day. I’m not sure how else to describe it. I’ve been a little bitter for the past few days about several things, but right this minute I’m feeling a little better.

I had a good talk with one of my supervisors today. She’s really being helpful during the whole transition, offering to help me find something else and giving me tips on interviews and such.

Anyway, that was all good and now I’m feeling better. I have some research to do before I go on my interview on Thursday, which will hopefully go well.

In other news, I also finished the first purple no-purl monkey for my sockapalooza pal last night.

I’m in love with this sock. The variegation is so subtle and pretty in person – the picture can’t really do it justice. But just look at that sock!
There are a couple minor mistakes, but I think they give the sock character. Besides, if it’s perfect you can’t tell it’s a hand knit.

How about a close-up of the pattern? monkey detail

Nice, innit?

I know that I have to give these socks away and I deliberately went with a yarn that I liked but didn’t love so it would be easier to stick them in the mail. But, well, the yarn knits up so gorgeous, people!

If you’re like me and you need some of this  yarn for yourself, check it out – Socks that Fit. This is the Wool Socks For Summer blend (merino/bamboo) and it’s just fabulous.

The job thing is so much easier to take when I have yarn to play with.


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