this is what it sounds like

What I did on my pre-birthday weekend.

  • Lunched with Dad, got eye exam (as previously mentioned).
  • Tried 2 new restaurants – Dewey’s Pizza and Mango – ate good food at both.
  • Went to the Soulard Farmers Market. Bought freshly made Fried Pork Skins and Rainier Cherries. The cherries were at least 1/4 the price I had found them for in Schnucks and at least 3 times better than the Schnucks ones.
  • Got birthday yarn in the mail. So silky and pretty.
  • Knitted with my peeps. Turned heel on 2 (TWO!) socks, including sock pal socks. Figured out how to do a short row heel.

And today? Today I work and do some homework that I ignored. Fun times, I tell ya.


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