you can tear it up if you can tie me down

I’m am such a bandwagon jumper. Last night at Knit Night, we were talking about Mystery Stole 3 and I totally jumped on board and bought my first ever laceweight yarn and will be attempting to do something lace. Eek. Because I don’t already have enough projects on needles right now.

lace yarn
At least I went with the yarn that was only $14 instead of the one I wanted that was $52. And it’s Wondercat approved. I started swatching last night, and man is that yarn tiny. Sheesh. I know I made a few mistakes in the swatch, but I might show it to you anyway once it’s done.

I’m also working diligently on my Space Dog socks, which are turning out really cool. I wasn’t sure about the yarn after I dyed it, but now?
space dog sock
How cool does that look? Oh, yeah, I’m a rock star.* I had such trouble deciding on a pattern for these, then finally realized that they’d look good in just simple stockinette. Nice.

Lest you think I have forgotten my other projects, there are more pictures and updates after the jump.

My sockapalooza pal will hopefully like these purple socks. It’s only the third pair I’ve started for her, after all.
purple monkey
Yes, I think those will work just fine.

Finally, I have some of the greatest stitch markers ever, courtesy of Mindy. Because she’s cool like that.
stitch markers
These are not even all of them – the others are on my various projects that are on the needles.

In other news, I may or may not be around much until after the 4th. I’m having a birthday on Tuesday, spending the day in Gunsmoke tomorrow (eye exam, DMV, dinner with the fambly, etc), and possibly doing City Museum on Saturday. Today is all about getting the vehicle inspected and taking enough Aleve to kill a horse (hate. ovaries. bitches.).

*Note: Not really a rock star, but I play one on TV. :)


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  1. Happy birthday!

    One of my favorite lines is from the movie “The Little Princess.” The Indian nursemaid says “All girls are princesses; it is their right.” So, in that vein … Of course you’re a rock star! Never doubt it!

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