it looks like the sun

Oh, wow. So I got a little bit of yarny goodness in the mail today and I’m a little in love. Sure I didn’t need any stash enhancement, but c’mon – how could I pass this up?

This is all glorious Sundara Yarn (I may have a habit). On the left there are 3 skeins of worsted merino in Lagoon over Almond, which will become a nice winter hat and scarf combo. Let’s hope for a scarf pattern that stays interesting. Next is the lovely Charcoal over Cobalt sock yarn, followed by the fabulous Slate over Seafoam sock yarn.

The Charcoal over Cobalt took a while to get here for various reasons, but let me just say that Sundara gives great customer service. Even Ziggy the Wondercat says she’s good people (although that may just be because he gets to play with part of the box the yarn was mailed in).

I was so excited about this that I just had to share. I love this yarn. Maybe a little too much.


2 thoughts on “it looks like the sun

  1. I am coveting that Slate over Seafoam yarn!!!!!!!!! I bought some of hers that was very similar and it was so gorgeous that I could hardly stand it. I made it into socks for my grandmother. Happy for her, sad for me. Ooh, you really did treat yourself for your birthday. What a happy present.

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