for a minute I lost myself

Hi, Internet. How are you? Things going well? I’ve been a bit busy today myself, but that’s okay.

How about a knitting update? Should we talk about my inability to make a decision on socks for my sockapalooza pal? You may remember that I was working on these nifty looking socks for her. But.

There’s always a “but”. And a butt. Heh. Butt jokes. I crack myself up.

Back to the sock. I can’t seem to make myself work on this project enough to actually meet the August 2 deadline. I like the pattern, I love the yarn, they look great together, I just have other things holding my attention.

Like this yarn (and sock):
Bittersweet Monkey
It’s a slightly modified Monkey sock (I just made the chart 2 rows longer and 2 stitches bigger on either side) so that they’ll fit my feet.

Note super cool stitch marker made by Mindy. You can find more of her cool stitch markers (and yarn) here.

And then there are these purple ones. purple monkey

These will be the Monkey sock with no purl stitches (I would link to the place I saw them, but I can’t find it right now) for my sockapalooza pal. Who I hope likes purple.

I know, 2 pair of Monkey socks at the same time? Sounds crazy? Check my name*. It was destiny that I would make these socks. More than once, even.

The purple yarn, by the way – so soft and fabulous to work with. I probably could have used a size 3 needle and they would have been fine, but with the size 2, they’re working up all warm and squishy. It’s a skein of Bamboo/Merino blend from Socks That Fit and it’s really nice to work with.

And now, I’m going to finish off my break by knitting socks with this yarn. They will be knee highs and they will be awesome.

*Obviously, not Kara. The one up at the top. The name of the blog. That one.