you got nowhere to go

Tomorrow is the last day of one of my summer classes.

Sometime between now and 8:30 tomorrow morning, I need to figure out (a) how to do a growth curve, (b) how to correctly calculate the R-squared for Level 1 and Level 2 of my model, and (c) what what went wrong with my last prediction graph so I can do it again, but correctly.

At least I already ran the models I need to. It took forever, but not because it was difficult. It just took forever for the models to converge.

I know – every single one of you just got that glazed over look in your eyes and are ready to click on to something else. Go ahead. I’ll still be talking stats when you get back. Heh.

In other news, my stash of Kinder Bueno bars is non-existent. I must get myself to the international market of choice to get more. In the meantime, I just found myself eating a Ritter Sport bar with so much rum in it that I can still smell it.

Now I have things to do and I hear there will be cake around here in a little while. I love a bit of cake.


2 thoughts on “you got nowhere to go

  1. What do you mean, don’t eat too much chocolate? All the other kids hate him! Chocolate’s the only friend he’s got!

  2. “how to correctly calculate the R-squared for Level 1 and Level 2 of my model”

    I got woozy reading that.

    Oh God. I have to get off my ass and send you lovely chocolate. I’m going to hell because I let it get to be hot summer without sending chocolate.

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