and it hit me like never before

 After knit night last night, we headed out to eat at the local Indian place to get our dinner on.*

This particular place has a big screen tv where they show Bollywood movies and music videos.  Last night, it was music video night.  Oh, how I love the music videos.

I love the music videos because I can’t understand what they’re singing about, so I get to make up my own stories. There’s one video where the girl is carrying around some liquor in a brown paper bag and stumbling around everywhere and the guy singing just picks her up  when she falls down drunk. Then there’s the one where the guy singing is very excited about his new girlfriend and tells his peasant friend all about it as they frolic in a field.

Last night, though, there were new videos. Videos in which there were girls wearing gold lamé. Videos in which these guys were trying to be the Indian Jay-Z. Gold lamé, people! Oh, and in one video, there was a girl dancing around in her little cropped sweater which later fell open so she was dancing around in a bra. I can’t  help but feel that these videos are misrepresenting Indian culture, although they are fun to watch.

In other random news, coworker Steph’s last day at work is tomorrow, so tonight we’re headed out to happy hour with several of the coworkers. Should be fun times.

*Chicken Curry – good. Samosas – good. Strawberry Lassi – good.  Fried cheese thing I can’t remember the name of – good.


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