trampled in dust

The thing about being a chubby girl is that sometimes trying to find decent clothes really sucks. Sure, we all have issues trying to find a perfect outfit, or that specific shirt, or even a great pair of jeans. But how about pajamas?

You see, Target may have some great every day clothes or even wear to work clothes for the chubby girl (even if it is a relatively small selection), but they quit carrying pajamas in my size. I used to be able to walk in to Target (or even K-Mart* or WalMart) and get a set of pj’s for under $20. I’m talking shirt and pants, people. Sometimes even a third piece would be thrown in (either tank or shorts) for that price. Those were good times.

Now, though, they apparently think that the chubby girls all want to sleep nude. Because I can’t find pajamas. Well, let me rephrase, I can’t find pj’s unless I’m willing to shill out $25 for a pair of pj shorts at Lane Bryant.**

I know, it’s all a huge marketing scam – chubby girls need clothes and there are only a select handful of stores where we can find cute clothes that fit. So, instead of pricing things competitively, we get charged out the ass for clothes.*** Now, I am willing to pay (most of the time) for my day to day clothes, but pajamas is where I draw the line. I would just like to buy a pair of pajama shorts for under $10 like my thinner counterparts. Is that really too much to ask?

/end rant

*Speaking of K-Mart, did you know that there are K-Mart stores out there that are “not ad stores”? They’ll honor the ad if you bring it in, but otherwise you are paying full price for whatever it is that was on sale. It’s no wonder they’re declining.

**Oh, excuse me, LB, your shorts this summer are only $16.50.

***Do not even try to tell me it’s because of the extra fabric used. It does not take them an extra $10-$20 worth of fabric to make me a shirt and the women stuck at the sewing machines don’t get paid an extra 50¢ to make a shirt bigger, so that is not a good reason.


3 thoughts on “trampled in dust

  1. I do actually sleep in zee bouff, but I like to wear pajamas from the time I get home from work until I got to bed and I have the same problem finding them cheap. Every great once in a while you can find either a sleep shirt or lounge pants at Target in the larger sizes, but never a matching set in the same larger size. I feel your pain.

  2. Kara: Just to dispel a myth, it doesn’t matter what size you are – you can’t find pjs for under $10. At least, I can’t. The cheapest I find them is usually $14.99 for a pair of cute drawstring pants at Old Navy with an overpriced Old Navy tank top. However, if you find PJs of any size under $10, let me know, as I’ll run out and buy a pair. Lately I end up in men’s boxer shorts and regular t-shirts anyway. Much more cost effective.

  3. I’m a former big girl myself. The last time I bought PJ’s was at the JC Penny in Great Falls, MT. Plus size sets for around $15 each. I bought two!

    By the way…. I have the yarn for your socks sitting in a very happy skein but I’m searching for the perfect pattern. Maybe you’ll see some swatch samples as you visit the Sockapalooooza blogs? Then again, maybe not.

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