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Behold the fabulousness that is the Rock Star Armwarmers.
Rock Star Armwarmers

Yes, I am a little too excited about this FO. But, y’all, I designed this pattern myself.

Rock Star ArmwarmersAnd while I was heavily influenced by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, it’s not like Anthony Kiedis came to me in a dream and told me how many stitches to cast on, where to decrease, or how to do the gusset (which looks fantastic, by the way). I figured it out through reasearch and measurement. I made something without a pattern, but by writing one as I went along.

And that? That makes me a super excited dork. Who can now understand what goes into designing and writing even a simple pattern.

In other knitting news, I am switching up the Sockapalooza pattern I was going to use after realizing I must be crazy to attempt it on a deadline. Now I’m redoing the ribbed cuff, after which a snazzy pattern will emerge that’s much simpler. I still get a bit of a challenge because it incorporates stitches I haven’t used before, but it’s not nearly as complex.

/end knitting update.

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  1. Too cool! I love the mis-matchey stripey thing you’ve got going on. Bring ’em to Knitorious tomorrow so I can see the gussets, okay? Rock.

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