watch it go round and round

Remember how I said I was going on a hike over the weekend? Well, I did.

I’m just going to say it – I’m weak. This two-mile hike was tough. I don’t remember having problems with it when I was younger, but now? I am old and out of shape.

Now, as for Pickle Springs, it’s cool because of all the nature. Yes, lots of trees you can see anywhere, but it’s also got some geologic formations that aren’t found many places in Missouri. It’s just a nifty little area to explore and visit.

After recovering from the walk, we drove ourselves into Farmington and stopped for a late lunch at Warehouse BBQ. People, it’s a BBQ place with a buffet. Ribs, pork, bbq beans, corn, and some mighty tasty catfish served up buffet style. It was glorious. (You can also order off the menu, but why?)

Of course, there are pictures after the jump.

Simon hanging out in the Double Arch

Terrapin Rock
Terrapin Rock.

Pickle Creek
Pickle Creek

And a few more in the flickr set here.

Now I want to spend some time this summer doing other short(ish) hikes/walks and visiting random state parks/attractions, especially the caverns and caves that I never got a chance to visit when I was young.


5 thoughts on “watch it go round and round

  1. Glad to see you guys had a great time – I know you were looking forward to it. Looks like the dogs enjoyed it too. Did they have a doggie buffet at the BBQ place?

  2. It’s so pretty but I’ve got to tell you – I think I have a crush on Simon. (Egads, I want a dog.) He’s so cute!

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