no matter where I go

I don’t know about y’all, but I had a busy weekend.

Friday night after the job interview, I made a trip to Gunsmoke with all the yard sale leftovers I had for my aunt’s sale on Saturday morning. Dinnered with the dad and the fam, where I ate my weight in beef and pork. I love meat.

Saturday I trekked to three yarn shops on the hunt for the elusive trekking neopolitan yarn I had seen linked at Angie‘s.* While I was on the hunt, I acquired new yarn for my sockapalooza pal (for socks I also started this weekend), Dream In Color Handpaints Gaia Sock Yarn in this bluey-purpley mix, as well as some Colinette Jitterbug in Marble. I just couldn’t stay away from it for some reason.

(more knitting talk and some non-knitting talk after the jump)

Dream in Color HandpaintedColinette Jitterbug

I did eventually find two skeins of the neopolitan yarn, which will become knee socks, which I am very excited about.

Just to get the knitting talk out of the way all at once, I also managed to finish the Flame Wave Socks (pattern from Interweave’s Favorite Socks) this weekend and get started on the sockapalooza socks. (Also pictured is the completed Danica scarf/Secret Project #1)
FO - Flame Wave SocksDanica The Third

Sunday was also quite busy, as Mindy and I met up with Jenn at the Botanical Gardens to partake in the Chinese Culture Days. At the same time, the Chapungu exhibit is there until October, I think I’ll have to go back and visit it again before they leave.

The festival was good, fun was had, then I stepped wrong on a small hill and twisted my ankle. Once the pain subsided (read: once I plopped down in the grass so I wouldn’t pass out from the pain because I’m weak), I was able to mostly walk it off. Still sore, still tender, but I’ll live.

Again, there are pictures to supplement another visit to the sights of St. Louis, mostly of the Chapungu statues.

Jenn has a few pictures of the actual Chinese Culture Days part of the day up here.

And now, once again it’s time to get to class. At 8:30 in the morning. I need caffeine.

*See what I did there? Trekked for Trekking?


3 thoughts on “no matter where I go

  1. This is great! I found your blog on St.Louis Bloggers, and was initially attracted to your blog’s name…I love monkeys! Anyway, I also knit and enjoyed a busy weekend. I love that scarf you made above….is that woven or knitted to look that way??? It’s fabulous, I’ve never seen one like that. I love to knit, but don’t do it much. I’m bad to not finish a project. I guess I get bored? Anyway, nice entry!!! Have a nice day!

  2. You and that sock yarn addiction!! It’s pretty though.

    Respect for finishing the Danica scarf. I may try it once I talk myself into wanting to pick up so many stitches.

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