is it any wonder

Whew. Monday already?

I spent the morning in my first summer class o’ the semester. It’s another biostats class, but this time it’s a completely different type of analysis. I think it’ll be complex, but not too taxing on my brain. Hopefully.

Anyway, I also spent my weekend free of class worries and homework somewhat busy. On Saturday, Mindy and I went to the zoo. I haven’t been there in ages – since I was a kid (the primate house looks exactly the same, though) – and it was fun.

(Pictures and more zoo talk after the jump)

giant anteater
Giant Anteater. This guy would not stay still, he roamed all over his enclosure and did it quite quickly. He was a man in motion. Heh.

Did I ever tell y’all about the time I was down in East Texas with the Stonecutters? It’s a little town that feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere, but we were staying on a lake. At one point, one of the neighbors came by and said they saw ‘gators down the road in the swampy area. Well, we all jumped in the back of a pickup truck and rode down the road to catch a glimpse of gator in the wild. It was cool. That gator was much further away than this one, though.

These penguins were a little bigger than I expected. The guy on the right is giving the other one directions to the local burger joint. “Take a left at Albuquerque…” I really liked the penguin cove (as I’m calling it even though that isn’t the name). So cool to see the different ones (I could have taken a ton of penguin pictures and stayed there a lot longer, but there were more animals to see).

sleeping bear
Bear was very tired. He was nursing a hangover.

I love the zoo. And now that I live so close to it, I can visit any time. (A few more pictures here.)


3 thoughts on “is it any wonder

  1. Hmmm, I’ll have to get my boyfriend to take me to the zoo this summer. I haven’t been there since I moved away in the 90’s. I’ve been back almost a whole year and all the cool St. Louis things I missed, I still really haven’t done because I’ve been busy…

  2. The bearrrrrrrrssssss. Love the bears. We have the best zoo. Well, we have the second best zoo. San Diego costs over $20 to get in. Ours? Free.

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