If I held the door open for you

I thought I had something fun and/or exciting to share, but I can’t remember it. My brain is mush.

I’ve recently become addicted to Vitamin Water and kinda wish I had one right now. Initially, I felt it was too bland – it’s not water, but not juice. After a bit, though, I became addicted. Anyway, kinda wish I had one now.

Went to Knit Night on Wednesday, as I often do now. It’s fun. I turned the heel & picked up the gusset stitches on my sock, so now it’s 2 more pattern repeats and a toe! Whee!

It was fun to meet new people and see the familiar faces again. I really like that I have the chance to knit with two different groups of people. I love my Sunday group and also like that there’s a chance to break up the week by going to Knit Night so close to home. You know what else is fun? Seeing Mindy who-didn’t-want-to-knit-socks get so excited about finishing knitting a sock. (I have once again successfully passed on an addiction!)

Next topic.

I have a job interview next Friday. I have my application in to a job I want to transition to at the current job. Things are happening, I just don’t know what.

Moving on. Friday. Shuffle. You know the drill by now.

  1. Inner Peace – Nellie McKay
  2. Do Ya – Peaches
  3. Shouldn’t Be Ashamed – Wilco
  4. I’m Gonna Find Another You – John Mayer
  5. Wade In the Water – Eva Cassidy
  6. Woman! Man! – Gomez
  7. Slob – Weezer
  8. Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken – Camera Obscura
  9. Antifreeze – Asylum Street Spankers
  10. I’m Finding it Harder to Be A Gentleman – White Stripes

*Which I have to purchase at the store just like everyone else. I am not nearly popular enough to get paid for product placement.


7 thoughts on “If I held the door open for you

  1. The new Wilco album’s coming out next week. I’ve heard some of it via KDHX and Euclid Records. This one’s going to divide fans, I think. It’s nothing like their last two.

  2. I’ve heard a couple of the new Wilco songs and I like them – I’m one of the few people I know who doesn’t seem to have a huge problem when an artist I really like experiments with a different sound. :)

  3. It was fun to see you guys on Wednesday. I don’t know if I’ll make it next week because I have to go to Cape for business that day, and I’m already bummed about it.

  4. It was so great to meet you the other night! You have an awesome group; I definitely want to go again. I love your entrelac scarf. I’ve been wanting to do Lady Eleanor out of Scarf Style for a while, but am afraid to tackle the entrelac. Maybe that’s another addiction you can pass on!

  5. A friend gave me the new Wilco album — I don’t know where he got it, but I love it. I think Kathy’s right that it will divide fans but I’m not one of those who has a problem when an artist changes their sound.

    Love the shuffle.

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